MARCH 30, 2018 - APRIL 13, 2018 

Our Vision and Mission 

Motivated by the concern for the alleviation of human suffering, Amongst Men Inc (AMI) endeavors to foster social, personal, and intellectual development of boys and adolescent males who have be hindered by social and economic disturbance.

AMI is the manifestation of an affirmative vision for boys and young male adults, who are so often maligned or labeled as “at risk.”  AMI provides constructive solutions for empowering and developing males, ages 8 to 21. AMI seeks to address the social, emotional and academic challenges young males encounter in today’s society.

Although these young men are full of untapped potential, they suffer disproportionately from a host of negative influences:  poverty, over-exposure to a culture of violence, inadequate housing, single parent homes, a severe lack of educational resources, a lack of training in 21st century skills, a lack of gainful employment. 

AMI achieves its goals by forging strategic partnerships and by offering an array of programs and services specifically designed to impact positive changes that result in the development of exemplary young men.

Founded in 1997, our mission is to provide constructive vehicles through which male youth can voice their concerns, overcome obstacles, and change circumstances both individually and within urban communities

AMI’s mission is to build bridges of collaboration with grassroot organizations, city and state agencies and national programs, to act as a resource and referral medium, and to ultimately build a collective intervention to resolve many of the social, emotional, and academic problems affecting male youth in America.

AMI develops and runs structured programs that actively improve, measure, and achieve positive results.

AMI provide a myriad of inspirational and informative workshops, seminars, coaching sessions and conferences that encourage a greater awareness of the social and emotional barriers that inner city male youth face and review practical strategies for responding helpfully.  Although founded in 1997, AMI has reached over 3000 male youth since they started to collect data in 2004. 

Partial List of Schools that AMI has worked with, providing services to male students: 

          ~ Academy Park High School

          ~Anna H. Shaw Middle School

          ~ Ben Franklin High School

          ~ Darby Township Elementary School

          ~ Delcroft Elementary School

          ~ Edward Gideon Elementary School

          ~ Edward Steel Elementary School

          ~ Feltonville School of Arts and Science

          ~ George Clymer Elementary School

          ~ Germantown High School

          ~ Grover Cleveland Elementary School

          ~ Jones Elementary School

          ~ John F. Reynolds Elementary

          ~ John Taggart Elementary School

          ~ Joseph C. Ferguson Elementary School

          ~ John Bartram High School

          ~ Martin L. King High School

          ~ Morton McMichael Elementary School

          ~ West Philadelphia High School

          ~ William Tilden Middle School

          ~ Strawberry Mansion High School

          ~ Thomas Morton Elementary School

          ~ University City High School











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