MARCH 30, 2018 - APRIL 13, 2018 

Program Testimonials

"When I get older I will put my kids in this program.  Amongst Men help us with problems and attitudes." -K.C.,  7th Grade

"Walking in Honor is a way of life... Its leadership, kindness, integrity, and national thinking. It’s informing each other, needing a place to talk, having fun, originality, notifying us of our responsibility.  Walking in Honor tells me how to be more mature. It helps me in life, giving me tips on how to help the community." -J. Higgins, 12th Grade

“... this program teaches us about how we should walk in honor and how to be a gentlemen and this is what I know about Amongst Men.  So please keep Amongst Men in all schools.” -C. Waters (Steel Elementary School)

“…it’s a role model for young men not just any role models a good role model and one of the best in the city.” ~I. Lewis (Student)

“...this is a great chance to help out young men with their problems, and deal with living their life. This is a place where you can get away from your struggles; work on them, and to have fun.” ~C. Wood (Student)

 “…every significant indicator of student success improved for the young men who were involved in the pilot program. The staff of Amongst Men is able to reach each student at his level and find out what is right about them.  AMI has been a true force for good at <?Academy Park High School. I hope that I can have this program here for many years to come. ~Alan N. Johnson, Principal of Academy Park High School, Sharon Hill, PA

“The 'Walking in Honor' program is an outstanding mentoring program that has instilled in our male students integrity, honesty, and self-respect."   ~V. White, Principal – GCE

“I have found the Walking in Honor™ program to be excellent for our seventh and eighth grade boys. Robert and his staff have brought to our children a well structured program that teaches our children responsibly, respect, and integrity.”  ~J. Saunders, M.A., Counselor

"...I look forward to continual expansion of the Walking in Honor™ program, as well as, their personal success.”   ~ P. Mondesire, Principal - Strawberry Mansion High School