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Envision the Possibilities!

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Envision the Possibilities!  

     As we look around, the staggering statistics surrounding the development of many inner city male youth can be quite disheartening.  Many of them want to do better in school and in social settings, but there are often times unimaginable obstacles.

If given the chance, along with right programs and services, students will often choose the positive.  What if the positive was being offered? What if there was something else they could embrace that would lift their self esteem, allow them to see more role models that understand them, and wanted to inspire them?

AMI successfully addresses the need by being a support service to encourage social, personal, intellectual and professional development. We work with local and city agencies to restore hope, build self-esteem, educate and actively work toward holistic development  and advancement

AMI provides a pathway for positive change, offering an array of programs that encourage leadership and build on integrity through teaching a variety of educational tools for use inside and outside of the classroom.  

AMI approaches every day with imagination, innovation and best of all, fun and encouragement  Your son will experience days full of opportunities to sustain lifelong learners and leaders! Our team is selected through a complete application and interview process, and often has experience in other mentoring programs.  

AMI believes that by creating a unique environment in which every student is valued, we strengthen your family and our community. Studies of effective programs show that they can contribute to positive outcomes, including improved academic performance, attendance, and increased personal, physical and emotional limits as well as individual belief in selfEnvision the Possibilities!

                                               Robert Hall, Executive Director


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